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How to Choose the Right Towing Tools

How to Choose the Right Towing Tools

When someone wants to make the most of their truck, van, or SUV, towing can offer many benefits. Towing a camper can be done on your vehicle. This allows you to enjoy many of the amenities of home while you explore the great outdoors. 

You can enjoy many recreational vehicles with the right vehicles, whether you are looking for water adventures or the all-terrain experience of quads or dirt bikes. Whatever your preference in towing, participation in these activities is possible due to two things: the vehicle you drive, and the towing hitch that you use.

To ensure a safe trip, you need to consider many factors. To ensure that you don’t damage your vehicle or cause an accident, make sure you know your vehicle’s towing capacity. You must also ensure that your tow package can handle the weight of the item being town.

How to Choose the Right Towing Tools

This assessment is not possible unless you know the weight of the trailer, camper, or toy trailer that you are towing. The lifeline your trailer hitch provides is another important element. It’s the only protection between your vehicle and your trailer. You can read about Which type of towing mirror is best for your motorhome and caravan? by clicking here.

Next, you need to evaluate the terrain you will encounter on your journey. You will likely encounter terrain that is not as smooth as a concrete surface, whether you are traveling in a forest, sandy area or lake location. Ball towing hitches are often the most popular tool for many people. This is not due to their superior performance, but because they have always been the standard.

This product has many faults which have caused headaches for years. Although you can move from one side to the other, there is not enough dimensional fluidity to help you navigate an all-terrain environment. This product can cause damage to your trailer, buckle your trailer package, and even cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

It is sensible to look for an intelligent alternative to the traditional ball tow hitch. This product should offer all the benefits of a ball hitch but also compensate for any weaknesses. To find a revolutionary product in the field of towing hitch that produces strength in design, simplicity in the coupling, and fluidity in motion, head to

Which type of towing mirror is best for your motorhome and caravan?

Which type of towing mirror is best for your motorhome and caravan?

There are many types of towing mirrors available. It all depends on your needs and budget. While accessory shops will recommend buying a pair of towing lenses, some customers prefer to purchase one towing lens. You can only purchase one towing mirror. This must be attached to the driver’s side. Towing mirrors is a great investment. Horse float, caravan, 5th wheeler, motorhome, horse trailer, or caravan. They allow for clear views from both sides of the trailer, boat, or van.

These mirrors, which are made from ratchets and imported from Taiwan are compatible with all cars but Prados. They require a special bracket that is an additional cost. They are vibration-resistant. To protect your car, they have a rubber bumper. To adjust the tautness, they have a windup swivel handle. The seatbelt strap is made from a durable and strong material. These mirrors have a lever arm that attaches to both the bottom and window of the car doors. The lever arm makes these mirrors very strong and reduces vibration. Please see the link below to view a photo.

Which type of towing mirror is best for your motorhome and caravan?

Clip-on towing mirrors can be attached to your car’s mirror using a ratchet mechanism. This mirror still provides a clear view, which is a benefit. This mirror has a higher tendency to vibrate because it does not have a lever arm that would make it more stable. 

It is not what the marketing materials will tell you. The turn knob adjusts the length of the strap to secure it onto the existing mirror. These brands offer XL, XL extended, and XL double fit options to accommodate larger mirrors. Motorhomes, vans, and 4x4s. The dual fit is used to mount the blind spot mirror within the main mirror housing. Click here to read about 7 Mistakes Beginners Make when Towing their Vehicle.

Some mirrors can be enlarged to allow for closeups. This can lead to dangerous accidents for the grey nomad driver who is not familiar with using such a mirror. The mirror can bring an object closer to you than you think, so overtaking can become a problem.

Towing mirrors are the Rolls Royce of their kind: Australian-made, designed, and tested. Clearview mirrors are suitable for the Toyota Landcruiser 100 series (which can be installed in as little as 40 minutes), and Nissan GU Patrol. They can fit the 200 and 80 Series Landcruisers, Ford 250F and 350F series trucks as well as Navara and HiLux, and Prado with modifications. These mirrors are expensive and require no extra brackets, straps, or suction cups. They are not stored away as they are part of the vehicle.

They can be folded back for narrow garages. They can be pulled out for towing and are completely free from vibration and stability issues. The Clearview mirror has a second mirror beneath the main Clearview mirror. This mirror is used to track motorcyclists or drivers who are tempted to tow in blind spots. The mirror can be attached to your car using the existing bolts and plugs of your car’s electrical sockets. This type of towing mirror has a disadvantage: it takes time to install and requires specialist help. These mirrors are six times more expensive than standard towing mirrors.

Eclipse Caravans is a specialized supplier of caravan accessories []. Motorhome and caravan owners will benefit from our online shop. We specialize in the import of many products, including caravan ratchet towing mirrors and clip-on towing mirrors. We also offer spare parts for camper van conversions.

7 Mistakes Beginners Make when Towing their Vehicle

7 Mistakes Beginners Make when Towing their Vehicle

You may need to hire a tow service if you own a car. You may find yourself in a difficult situation and need to call a towing company. If you don’t have any experience in this field, you may make costly mistakes that could lead to a worse situation. Below is a list of seven common mistakes you should avoid when hiring these services. Continue reading to learn more.

1. Do not ignore the instructions

No matter what vehicle you tow, don’t forget the instructions. Also, it is important to read the online instructions before proceeding with the next step. You don’t want your bumper to be broken.

2. Experts are not to be ignored

You should not attempt to do it yourself if you don’t have the necessary knowledge. The steering may be too heavy when your car is being town. If you are unsure, it is a good idea to hire a tow service.

7 Mistakes Beginners Make when Towing their Vehicle

3. Do not hide the license plates

When your car is in town, it is not a good idea if you cover up the license plate. In most states, this is a crime and you could face severe fines. If you own a large vehicle, the fine maybe even more severe.

4. Do not exceed the maximum capacity

You should not exceed the maximum capacity. You could be charged with violating the law if you exceed the limit. Visit to read about How to Choose the Right Towing Tools.

5. Do not overlook the final checks

If you plan to tow a car, you may need to perform final checks. You want to ensure that your vehicle is secured correctly. Double-check that your vehicle is securely attached. You don’t want the bumper to come off your car.

6. Use a rope only

A tow rope is not a bad idea, but we do not recommend it. You can use it if it is only a few meters long. You may need to ensure that nobody is in your way. You could injure someone if the rope comes loose.

7. Do not ignore the brakes

You should make sure that you have checked your brakes. You may be unable to stop your car if the brake system isn’t working correctly. This can lead to a serious accident. You should make sure that your brakes are properly serviced. It is important to remember that only professionals can properly tow a vehicle. If your car won’t start, you should call a tow company to get your vehicle to a garage.